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  • With more than six decades of experience as a customs broker, Alba Wheels Up® commands a distinct advantage in understanding and meeting your import needs through personalized service.
  • We utilize the most advanced electronic interfaces with U.S. Customs and Border Protection and other governmental agencies to expedite your shipments and clear your cargo through customs, prior to its arrival whenever possible. In addition, we implement immediately all changes to customs regulatory procedures – ensuring our clients prompt compliance.
  • Our knowledgeable staff excels at managing the myriad technical details involved in import transactions and are equally accomplished at prioritizing concerns to avoid costly errors. With our team of specialists in quota merchandise, electronics and general product classifications, we provide the expertise to handle your imports with speed and efficiency.
  • Alba Wheels Up® is licensed and permitted in all ports of entry by U.S. Customs and Border Protection.
  • The ratio of licensed brokers in our import department is among the highest in the industry.
  • Our services cover all aspects of entering goods into the United States.

Our EDI capability enables us to

  • Maintain computerized interface directly with clients
  • Expedite delivery of goods
  • Provide online status reports
  • Initiate and receive responses to quota queries
  • Establish transaction libraries
  • Develop tracing procedures
  • Issue customized shipping reports for each client


Automated Invoice Interface (AII) is an optional feature that allows users to send commercial invoice data electronically to U.S. Customs with routine ABI transmissions. This functionality is a requirement for participation in the U.S. Customs Remote Location Filing (RLF) program, which allows the broker to clear import shipments at various ports around the U.S. from remote location.


  • Manufacturer facility registration
  • Pre-Compliance check
  • FDA prior notice filling
  • Restricted article processing and advice

ABI (Automated Broker Interface)

A feature of the U.S. Customs Automated Commercial System that permits qualified participants to electronically file important customs related data, allowing for quicker processing on shipments.

AMS (Automated Manifest Systems)

Electronic transmission, validation, confirmation, and correction system for entry summaries and payment option such as daily statement, electronic payment through the Automated Clearinghouse (ACH).

Insurance / Bonds

Provide single entry annual bonds required to be purchased for U.S. Customs clearance.

For logistics companies and liberalized postal operators involved in international trade, proper management of customs compliance is critical to a successful operation. Accordingly, companies must develop comprehensive guidelines for compliance with import and export requirements, while employing strategies to reduce the costs of compliance on a worldwide basis. One of the common challenges facing transportation and logistics companies is the inability to determine a complete and current “footprint” of their import and export compliance. This is, in part, due to the decentralization of customs compliance within most companies and the use of independent customs brokers, which results in the inability of implementing uniform control procedures. If a company does not have a comprehensive understanding of its customs function, it may experience many customs claims, more supply chain interruption, increased overall costs and an inability to systematically identify cost saving opportunities and potential areas of risk.

Services and solutions:

  • Assisting companies with the development and implementation of a global customs compliance management strategy
  • Helping companies to develop insightful import and export strategies which may reduce customs liabilities, while integrating the compliance process into overall business operations

Through our Customs Opportunity & Risk Assessment (CORA), Alba Wheels Up can work with the client to analyze available information, identify areas of opportunity and/or risk and assist in developing a strategy that will enhance the import operations from the perspectives of compliance and cost efficiency. Alba Wheels Up can assist with a variety of cost savings opportunities such as:

  • Foreign Trade Zones
  • Valuation Planning
  • Duty Drawback

We can also assist with pre-audit planning for a:

  • Focused Assessment (FA)
  • Quick Response Audit (QRA)
  • Importer Self Assessment (ISA) Programme

The results of our analysis can be compiled into a user-friendly format, including a summary of various recommendations for cost management and compliance risk reduction opportunities.

With CORA (Customs Opportunity & Risk Assessment), Alba Wheels Up can:

  • Prepare and improve customs audit readiness
  • Enhance the supply-chain import operation
  • Identify cost management opportunities regarding imports
  • Increase customs processing efficiencies, and
  • Reduce the risks and costs of non-compliance with

At Alba Wheels Up®, we look for every opportunity to provide you with added service and value. That’s why we take the extra step to analyze your shipments for duty drawback potential, a legitimate U.S. Customs program that allows exporters to receive a refund of import duties paid, based on exported product qualifications.

As one of the few customs brokers and freight forwarders with a specialized Drawback Department, Alba Wheels Up® provides you with a full analysis of annual drawback opportunities. Our team of professionals will coordinate the required administrative procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate claims processing, so that you can enjoy the prompt receipt of refund checks from the U.S. Treasury.

Check Duty Opportunities

  • Preparation of drawback statements to have your operations covered under applicable drawback laws and regulations.
  • Inform and advise on concept of drawback and responsibilities to assure the firm’s full compliance of regulations.
  • Review all records maintained to support drawback statements and claims.
  • Establish internal procedures to expedite flow of paperwork, ensuring monthly filing of claims in order to receive refund checks expeditiously.
  • Processing of claims on regular basis to ensure consistent cash flow.
  • Representation on all drawback related matters and issues, such as during audits by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Air Freight

With our expertise, uncompromising service, and very competitive rates, Alba Wheels Up® is the best choice for all of your air export needs. Our staff is well versed in the many technical aspects of U.S. Government regulations, State and Commerce Department licensing requirements, transportation documentation, foreign government forms, international collection and banking procedures. In addition, we have extensive experience handling specialized shipments that involve live, high value or hazardous cargo, such as computer components, aircraft parts, cosmetics, perfume and perishables.

Whether you need express service, air / surface combinations or other types of service, we can arrange the best shipping options to meet your specific needs for safety, schedule and location. Our appointment as an official airline agent by the International Airlines Transport Association (IATA) enables us to issue airway bills on behalf of the airlines and pass on the expedited service and savings to you.

Our services include:-

  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Worldwide Consolidation Service
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Multimodal Transportation (Sea/Air/Surface)
  • Export Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Freight Insurance
  • Hazardous Goods and Perishables
  • Carnet Shipments
  • Export License Processing
  • Letter of Credit Negotiations
  • Logistics

Ocean Freight

Shipping by ocean with Alba Wheels Up® is the worry-free way to transport merchandise anywhere in the world. From purchase order to delivery, our experienced staff handles all of the details for you, such as negotiating contracts with ocean carriers, booking shipments, and preparing export documentation. We also track your cargo to the destination, checking for its safe and timely arrival.

The Alba Wheels Up® team can provide planning and consultation services, including cost analysis and terms of sale and letter of credit advice, to simplify your financial transactions. The selection of steamship lines, consolidation options, container specifications, packaging requirements and customs classification are additional areas in which our ocean export professionals can provide valuable assistance.

Through our worldwide network of affiliates and their specialized knowledge of different markets, we are able to obtain better routings and cost savings for you. Another Alba Wheels Up® advantage is the improved service accuracy and speed made possible by our automated systems that handle the time-consuming tasks associated with the international transport of goods.

Alba Wheels Up® is licensed and regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC 267NF), which requires both professional qualifications and financial bonding to perform its ocean forwarding functions. Alba Wheels Up® is also a full service, FMC-tariffed NVOCC ocean carrier.

Our services include:-

  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Worldwide Service
  • All U.S. Ports
  • Door to Door Service
  • Experienced Consultation
  • Inland Transportation
  • Assist With Export Licensing Process
  • Consolidation (LCL)
  • Project Cargo
  • Oversized Shipments
  • Logistics Programs
  • Marine Insurance

With so many shipping options available for importers to select from, it’s imperative for them to choose a company with the professionalism and background necessary to select the right supply chain methodology. With more than 65 years of experience, Alba Wheels Up will work with you to design, implement, and maintain every aspect of your supply chain. We’ve supported supply chains of a vast and diverse range of clients around the world—from fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), retail, and wearing apparel to footwear and perishables.

We understand that when it comes to your supply chain every importer is unique. We’ll partner with you to understand your market channels and distribution, identify opportunities to improve your supply chain, and configure a flexible and reliable solution that’s fully customized to your needs. We will provide end-to-end management, including managing your vendors and partners. Or we can deliver stand-alone services for any aspect of your supply chain. No operation is too complex, no requirement too small, and no location too challenging.

Alba Wheels Up has considerable expertise in several leading industries. Our team will provide expert assistance in selecting the optimal mix of ocean and air freight services to ensure your products are shipped to market as planned and on time.

So if you’re seeking to reduce your logistics costs, improve your operating efficiencies, increase your speed to market—in short, if you’re looking to optimize your supply chain in any way—talk with us. As an enterprise logistics company, Alba Wheels Up can provide and design highly integrated supply chain solutions, and our vast network enables importers to leverage space and pricing.

Fashion and Wearing Apparel,

The fashion and wearing apparel industry has leading-edge customers ho require speed to market and high turnover fashion cycle, which requires companies to be first to market or face significant inventory buildup markdowns. Alba Wheels Up is a premier forwarder and supply chain provider for many of leading wearing apparel companies. We have the expertise to ensure that goods faced with production problems or other delays are delivered promptly, and that no more “slack” remains in the supply chain. We offer a core package of services covering the following:

  • Garments on Hanger (GOH)
  • Cross docking
  • Direct to store
  • Deconsolidation
  • PO management and order fulfillment
  • EDI integration with ERP systems, such as Blue Cherry
  • Specialized landed cost reports
  • Visibility of inventory for factors if necessary
  • Milestone alerts
  • Customs and duty management
  • Customized IT tools


With millions of dollars’ worth of perishables—and your reputation—at stake, you need a freight forwarding partner dedicated to understanding your business, your product, and your customers.

Transporting fresh product around the world is a highly specialized task. Alba Wheels Up has earned a reputation as one of America’s most experienced and professional worldwide perishable forwarders.

Our team has the know-how and the resources to give you greater flexibility, certainty, and creativity when it comes to perishable logistics. Whether it’s live, chilled, or frozen, talk with us for a fresh approach to your perishable freight.


  • Experienced and knowledgeable staff ready to advise you
  • Guidance on packing for peak freshness and quality
  • Temperature-controlled handling and storage facilities
  • 24-hour, 7-day service with key personnel always available
  • Permanent space allocation with premium carriers
  • Access to airspace during peak periods
  • Innovative new routings for increased market penetration
  • State-of-the-art consignment tracking and tracing system

“It’s not about the frequency in which an accident occurs, it’s about the severity.” 

Today’s shippers face Black Swans at every turn. Black Swans are those events which are typically random and unexpected yet happen with more frequency then we realize. Alba Wheels Up® understands the substantial value you place on your international shipments. We also know that cargo insurance is an integral part of your import and export transactions, so we provide specialized expertise to insure your cargo locally.

With our industry experience and purchasing volume, we have the leverage to offer full coverage at economical rates. Since our team is in the position to calculate your total costs, even terminal and delivery fees, we can insure for the full cost of imported goods, including U.S. duty and an allowance for your profit. Foreign sellers cannot offer the same advantage, and foreign-purchased insurance is generally more expensive and often marked up by the seller.

As part of our comprehensive approach to service, we can handle all insurance related documentation, payment of premiums, reporting and assist you in claims settlement processing. Our involvement eliminates the need for shipment-by-shipment declarations, and we can also place contingency insurance at reduced cost to assure that the coverage obtained by the seller is adequate. Whatever your requirements are, insuring through Alba Wheels Up® is definitely to your benefit.

Insurance Services:

  • Cargo Insurance Specialist
  • Full Liability Coverage
  • Economical Rates
  • Door-to-Door Insurance
  • Local, Responsive Representation
  • All Documentation and Reporting
  • Payment of Premiums
  • Assistance with Claims Processing

Our services include:

When you put the knowledge and worldwide connections of Alba Wheels Up® to work, your inbound traffic practically ships itself. With our global agent network, we can coordinate and monitor the movement of your cargo from the moment an order is placed until it reaches the destination. Whether you need door-to-door service, domestic forwarding, T&E filing or distribution, one phone call to our highly trained staff will set the entire shipping process in motion. And we always operate with an eye on reducing the transportation time and cost, while maintaining the Alba Wheels Up® tradition of excellent service tailored to your specific requirements.

  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Domestic Forwarding
  • T&E Filing
  • Distribution
  • Consultation
  • Inland Transportation
  • Logistics Programs
  • Comprehensive Insurance

NRA Rules Tariff

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