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Alba Wheels Up has a seat at the table

With over six decades of expertise as a customs broker in the most trade sensitive industries, one of the most advanced customs brokerage operating systems in the market, and Alba Wheels Up’s policy activism and government interaction in the trade community drives value to our customers resulting in fast, efficient, and compliant cargo release accelerating speed to market.

Alba Wheels Up is an industry leader

Through its executives’ involvement in and connectivity among the customs brokerage trade, Alba Wheels Up executives have been honored with appointments to CBP’s COAC (the agency’s advisory committee on commercial operations of customs and border protection) and other national, regional and local government and trade associations, such as the LACBFFA, the PCC, the JFK Brokers Association, and NCBFAA committees. Our involvement permits us to advise the government on what works commercially, and gives us a unique perspective on what importers can expect….way before it happens.

We have been ready…for a while.

Alba Wheels Up is an industry leader in customs brokerage services and compliance. We are ACE-ready and have been C-TPAT certified since 2006.

Alba Wheels Up is on the cutting-edge of import customs clearance technology. When it comes to policies, practices, rules and regulations as they relate to Customs and Border Protection, FDA, EPA and all of the 49 Partner Government

Agencies with have authority over import customs clearances, Alba Wheels Up’s expertise is unrivaled.

Compliance in every transaction

While many involved in this industry speak about compliance in general or theoretical terms, we know that compliance has to touch everyday customs brokerage services and provide value to our customers. Through our government connectivity, our high ratio of licensed customs brokers on staff, our deep investment in compliance on staff expertise and technology, we are assured in delivering the most compliant customs brokerage services in our class. With our main vertical industries so dependent on trade sensitive transactions with a high government touch, we really have no choice but to be better. Whether it is CBP focus on wearing apparel, FDA focus on foodstuffs, or EPA focus on agricultural chemicals, we know that transactions with a high government focus require more expertise and attention.