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Electronics And Consumer Goods

From consumer electronics you hold in the palm of your hand to enterprise-level high-tech products, Alba Wheels Up’s expertise when it comes importing and exporting consumer goods and electronics is unmatched. In a highly competitive environment, the need for speed and accuracy are unprecedented. That’s why Alba Wheels Up continues to be differentiated as the go-to resource for getting your technological goods to market faster.

Alba Wheels Up’s technology logistics specialists and their consistent reliable expertise are trusted by some of the most notable and well recognized companies.

Importing high value shipments of electronics and high technology items takes special care and attention. Alba Wheels Up works with you to assist in receiving the most favorable duty and tax rates within the regulations while remaining compliant. This ever-emerging industry requires trained professionals who are experts in determining accurate country of origin information. Often times, high-tech and electronic companies or suppliers importing equipment or machinery experience service failures from their customs broker due to:

  • Inaccurate or incomplete assessment of the correct classifications
  • Improper analysis of the complex subject country of original manufacture, when high technology instruments and items are often assembled with components made in several or many countries.
  • Questions as to the process for re-export of the equipment
  • Incomplete or unclear documentation.

Alba Wheels Up uses our focused-expertise in the consumer electronics industry to work with you to reduce service delays at all border ports, airports and seaports. The following services can be provided by to ensure timely delivery of your products:

  • Experts at ensuring you’re in compliance and getting the paying possible government fees.
  • Educational seminars and workshops to assist you and your staff of understanding international and US Customs rules and regulations. We offer customized seminars for businesses and their specific needs.
  • ALWAYS OPEN with Certified Customs Operational Staff on duty to respond to your shipment requirements.
  • Freight Services to assist with transportation of equipment, machinery, infrastructure relocation. Alba Pacific can also assist with transportation insurance.

Ask us about rulings on Bluetooth products. You may be eligible