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At Alba Wheels Up, we know how to support your import And export of various types of hazardous cargo. We handle multi-phased import and export of chemical cargo including pesticides, agrichemical, crop protection and hazardous cargo.

Hazardous cargo logistics are related to very complex regulations and requires in depth knowledge.

At Alba Wheels Up, our team checks relevant regulations of each cargo one by one, so that we can transport the cargo safely and always in accordance with regulations

The EPA regulates pesticides under the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA). FIFRA section 17 governs the import of pesticides and devices into, and the export of pesticides and devices from, the United States.

Importation of Pesticides and Devices

All pesticides and devices imported into the United States must:

  • Comply with U.S. pesticide law
  • Be registered with EPA, except where exempted by regulation or statute (e.g. minimum risk pesticides) and as follows:
    • Unregistered pesticides may be imported under certain conditions if intended for export (PR Notice 99-1)
    • Emergency exemptions
  • Not be adulterated or otherwise violative
    • Properly labelled (in accordance with U.S. domestically produced pesticide labelling requirements)
    • Produced in an EPA-registered establishment that files annual reports with the Agency

As of September 30, 2016 (see Federal Register: Notice of Arrival for Importations of Pesticides and Pesticidal Devices), the importer must choose one of the following options:

  • Submit the Notice of Arrival of Pesticides and Devices (NOA) information electronically through the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) with the entry documentation
  • Notify EPA of the arrival of imported pesticides and devices through the paper NOA form (EPA Form 3540-1) prior to importation. Submit the paper form to the EPA regional office (attention of the Pesticide Import Coordinator) applicable to the intended port of entry

Note: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regulations prohibit the importation of pesticides without a completed Notice of Arrival (NOA). The NOA indicates the identity and amount of the product, the arrival date, and where the product can be inspected. For paper submissions, the EPA-reviewed and signed paper form is returned to the importer for presentation to CBP’s district director at the port of entry. For electronic filings via ACE, most of the filings are automatically processed, and an early indication is provided to the filer if the initial reporting requirements have been met and if the shipment can be released upon arrival at the port of entry. For electronic filings that do not meet the reporting requirements, automatic checks will be performed to notify the filer of errors. For electronic filings that require non-automated checks, EPA staff can review and provide feedback notifications through ACE to the filer on what information is needed that has not been provided. After arrival, EPA may inspect the shipment for compliance with U.S. pesticide laws.

Alba Wheels Up was early adopter and test filer on the EPA Notice of Arrival pilot. Alba Wheels Up and our pesticide customers are currently paperless on EPA Notice of Arrivals in every EPA region, facilitating deliveries to industrial mixing sites and distributors across the US in an ultra compliant manner.