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Today’s shippers face potential danger at every turn; unexpected delays, inclement weather, loss or damage to cargo. These events are sudden and can have a detrimental impact on your business operations and bottom line.

Alba Wheels Up® understands the substantial value you place on your cargo and that’s why we offer specialized insurance packages to keep you covered. With our industry experience and purchasing volume, we have the leverage to offer full coverage at economical rates.

As part of our comprehensive approach to service we handle all insurance related documentation, payment of premiums, regular reporting and can assist in claims settlement processing. Our involvement eliminates the need for shipment-by-shipment declarations, and allows  us to assure that the coverage obtained is adequate to cover all your needs.

A few of the ways we can insure you are:

Full Liability Coverage

We can cover the full cost of imported goods including total duty, delivery and terminal fees, and an allowance for lost revenue.

Economical Rates

So that you can focus more on growing your business operations not on paying high premiums.

Door-To-Door Insurance Options

We can cover you anytime, anywhere.

Local, Responsive Representation

Foreign sellers cannot offer the same advantage as us and foreign-purchased insurance is generally more expensive and often marked up by the seller. Having a company located in your time zone can be also critical when dealing with time sensitive transactions and when trying to recoup costs quickly.

Assistance During the Process

We file claims with you so that you always know where you are in the process and what’s next. Our reports can also provide visibility and details automatically so you always know when and what to expect.