Air Freight

With our expertise, uncompromising service, and very competitive rates, Alba Wheels Up® is the best choice for all of your air export needs. Our staff is well versed in the many technical aspects of U.S. Government regulations, State and Commerce Department licensing requirements, transportation documentation, foreign government forms, international collection and banking procedures. In addition, we have extensive experience handling specialized shipments that involve live, high value or hazardous cargo, such as computer components, aircraft parts, cosmetics, perfume and perishables.

Whether you need express service, air / surface combinations or other types of service, we can arrange the best shipping options to meet your specific needs for safety, schedule and location. Our appointment as an official airline agent by the International Airlines Transport Association (IATA) enables us to issue airway bills on behalf of the airlines and pass on the expedited service and savings to you.

Our services include:

  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Worldwide Consolidation Service
  • Door-to-Door Service
  • Multimodal Transportation (Sea/Air/Surface)
  • Export Packing
  • Warehousing
  • Freight Insurance
  • Hazardous Goods and Perishables
  • Carnet Shipments
  • Export License Processing
  • Letter of Credit Negotiations
  • Logistics

Ocean Freight

Shipping by ocean with Alba Wheels Up® is the worry-free way to transport merchandise anywhere in the world. From purchase order to delivery, our experienced staff handles all of the details for you, such as negotiating contracts with ocean carriers, booking shipments, and preparing export documentation. We also track your cargo to the destination, checking for its safe and timely arrival.

The Alba Wheels Up® team can provide planning and consultation services, including cost analysis and terms of sale and letter of credit advice, to simplify your financial transactions. The selection of steamship lines, consolidation options, container specifications, packaging requirements and customs classification are additional areas in which our ocean export professionals can provide valuable assistance.

Through our worldwide network of affiliates and their specialized knowledge of different markets, we are able to obtain better routings and cost savings for you. Another Alba Wheels Up® advantage is the improved service accuracy and speed made possible by our automated systems that handle the time-consuming tasks associated with the international transport of goods.

Alba Wheels Up® is licensed and regulated by the Federal Maritime Commission (FMC 267NF), which requires both professional qualifications and financial bonding to perform its ocean forwarding functions. Alba Wheels Up® is also a full service, FMC-tariffed NVOCC ocean carrier.

Our services include:

  • Domestic and International Freight
  • Worldwide Service
  • All U.S. Ports
  • Door to Door Service
  • Experienced Consultation
  • Inland Transportation
  • Assist With Export Licensing Process
  • Consolidation (LCL)
  • Project Cargo
  • Oversized Shipments
  • Logistics Programs
  • Marine Insurance

Duty Drawbacks

At Alba Wheels Up®, we look for every opportunity to provide you with added service and value. That’s why we take the extra step to analyze your shipments for duty drawback potential, a legitimate U.S. Customs program that allows exporters to receive a refund of import duties paid, based on exported product qualifications.

As one of the few customs brokers and freight forwarders with a specialized Drawback Department, Alba Wheels Up® provides you with a full analysis of annual drawback opportunities. Our team of professionals will coordinate the required administrative procedures to ensure compliance with regulations and facilitate claims processing, so that you can enjoy the prompt receipt of refund checks from the U.S. Treasury.

Duty Opportunities:

  • Preparation of drawback statements to have your operations covered under applicable drawback laws and regulations.
  • Inform and advise on concept of drawback and responsibilities to assure the firm’s full compliance of regulations.
  • Review all records maintained to support drawback statements and claims.
  • Establish internal procedures to expedite flow of paperwork, ensuring monthly filing of claims in order to receive refund checks expeditiously.
  • Processing of claims on regular basis to ensure consistent cash flow.
  • Representation on all drawback related matters and issues, such as during audits by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.